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The nervous drycleaner was a chemical agent who always folded under pressure.

Tomorrow morning I have the incredible privilege of sharing with the students of Medinah Christian School during their chapel.

I am shaking. Partially because I'm so excited. Partially because I'm terrifyingly nervous.

This is often how it goes for me. It blows my mind that I would ever be given a stage, a microphone, and an opportunity to share God's love with anyone. Ever.

I cannot express how honored and blessed I am every single time I am given this opportunity, in any context. It truly is beyond me that I would have the chance to talk about the most important and arguably the most mysterious thing in the history of the world. It overwhelms me to no end, but in a strangely peaceful and encouraging way.

I know that I have nothing to say. That my preparation, experience, and collegiate degrees are nothing in the wake of God's unquenchable love for His people. I am simply a broken, flawed, struggling megaphone, trying to convey the message of His unending grace as best I can. His truth changes lives and breathes vitality into dry souls, not my notes.

God, may I be present enough to be absent. May I rest in the reality of your provision, and may your love so permeate the hearts of these students that they cannot help but worship you with their very lives. Awaken new passion in their souls and grant them the courage to follow you. May they be blown away again and again by your incessant love and relentless pursuit. May they be washed in grace and changed by your Spirit.


  1. Such a great opportunity! And I bet that it went really well!

    "May I be present enough to be absent." Such a profound and awesome statement!

  2. God never ceases to amaze me in you!