As a young boy, Brutus' mother often cautioned him not to run with Caesars.

What a absolutely beautiful Mother's Day today was. Even though I am not a mother, and never intend to be, I was so blessed today.

I want to say an enormous "Thank You" to all of the wonderful mothers in my life. You are beautiful, inspiring, and so very encouraging.

And of course, the highest praise goes to my own biological mom. You have shown me love more than I even understand love myself. I love you so very much.

I am simply far too tired to formulate a legitimate post, but I'd like to share a short excerpt I used this weekend. Happy Mother's Day!

Moms: WHY do you love your newborn child?
I know, I know; it’s a silly question, but indulge me. Why do you?
For months this baby has brought you pain.
They’ve made you break out in pimples and waddle like a duck.
Because of them you craved sardines and crackers and threw up in the morning.
They punched you in the tummy.
They occupied a space that wasn’t theirs and ate food they didn’t fix.
You kept them warm. You kept them safe. You kept them fed.

But did she say thank you?

Are you kidding?
She’s no more out of the womb than she starts to cry!
The room is too cold, the blanket is too rough, the nurse is too mean.
And who does she want? Mom.
Don’t you ever get a break? I mean, who has been doing the work the last nine months?
Why can’t Dad take over? But no, Dad won’t do. The baby wants Mom.

She didn’t even tell you she was coming.
She just came.
And what a coming!
She rendered you a barbarian. You screamed. You swore. You bit bullets and tore the sheets.
And now look at you. Your back aches. Your head pounds. Your body is drenched in sweat. Every muscle strained and stretched.

You should be angry, but are you?

Far from it.

On your face is a longer-than-forever love.
They’ve done nothing for you; yet you love them.
They’ve brought pain to your body and nausea to your morning, yet you treasure them.
Their face is wrinkled and their eyes are dim, yet all you can talk about are her good looks and bright future.

She’s going to wake you up every night for the next 6 weeks, but that doesn’t matter.
I can see it on your face. You’re crazy about her.

Why? Why does a mother love her newborn? Because the baby is hers?

Even more. Because the baby is her.

Her blood. Her flesh. Her sinew and spine. Her hope. Her legacy.

It bothers her not that the baby gives nothing.
She knows a newborn is helpless, weak.
She knows babies don’t ask to come into this world.

And God knows we didn’t either.

We are his idea. We are his. His face. His eyes. His hands. His touch. We are Him.

When we see mothers caring for her children, we are blessed to get a glimpse of how deeply God loves us. They bring physicality to an elusive spiritual reality. When God looks at you He sees His finest creation.

Happy Mother's Day, Mum! You are beyond wonderful!

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