The inventor of chewing gum soon bubbled his money.

I have been reminiscing lately, it seems.

This is an excerpt from an email I received a couple years ago from a woman in our congregation. It moved me so much when I first read it, and it moved me again tonight. I won't ever grow tired of witnessing the beauty of someone "getting it" for the first, or hundredth time. What a mysterious honor to be a part of that.

Your sermon moved me. That God is speaking to me -- HE wants to spend time with me (!!!!) and for me to spend time with Him. HE wants me to be still. HE wants me to listen. Slow down and listen.

Thanks for helping me hear Him.

In your sermon you asked "When was the last time you stared out the window for an hour?" That night, after the kids were in bed, I went out on my back porch listening to traffic, staring at moving lights, listening to the wind in the trees, some random animals of His kingdom, thought about your message, picked up a bottle labeled "Gazillion" next to me and blew bubbles.

It was beautiful. Hope you got a great image and thanks for helping me to remember that it isn't about all this hustle and bustle, it isn't all about doing what people think I should/not, it's so much bigger and often, to see the bigger picture, we need to step back and away...and blow bubbles.

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