A little boy was so full of energy that even when he read a book it was a hyper text.

Tonight I had the pleasure of joining a fantastic family from our congregation for dinner.

During the delicious dinner (before the unbelievable dessert), we all started sharing stories from our past. The father told a great story about cooking for his wife while they were still dating, and trying to impress her by how many peppers he put in the sauce. It turned out that he underestimated the potency of fresh peppers as opposed to canned ones, causing profuse sweating. I laughed a lot.

He told another story about a classmate of his in grade school who was always whining and complaining about one thing or another. Neither of them were apparently very tall at this point in their life, but the teacher always called the obnoxious student "Little Mark". One day during class, good 'ol LM was grumbling about something and the teacher said "Little Mark, stop your fussing", to which he responded with an inquiry. He asked "Why do you always call me Little Mark, and not him?" pointing to the man who was now telling me this story.

"Because he doesn't act little", the teacher responded.

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